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Oregon State Fair to feature marijuana

PORTLAND — A new crop will be featured at the Oregon State Fair this year: marijuana.
The Oregonian/Oregon Live reports that the fair awards prizes for the curviest vegetable or the most misshapen fruit. This year, marijuana plants will also be on display — and will be judged by a panel of growers before the fair.
The Oregon Cannabis Business Council is sponsoring the exhibit. Chairman Don Morse says nine plants will be displayed in a greenhouse and monitored by a security guard.
Only people age 21 and older will be allowed inside.
Fair spokesman Dan Cox says the exhibit is a nod to the newly legal status of cannabis. Morse says, however, that those hoping for a sample will be disappointed.
The fair runs Aug. 26 through Sept. 5.

King County lifts moratorium on marijuana businesses

SEATTLE — King County has lifted its temporary ban on legal marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas.
The Seattle Times reports that the Metropolitan King County Council voted 5-3 Monday to allow licensed pot operations, with some limitations to address the concerns of rural residents. Those include that marijuana grow operations can be located only on parcels of 10 acres or more.
Before the council adopted the moratorium in April, marijuana farms were allowed in all “rural area” zones.
The council also voted to require 1,000-foot buffers between retail stores. That was in response to complaints that pot shops were clustering in Skyway, White Center and other poorer parts of the county.

Best Portable Vapes For Beginners

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If you’re looking for a new, exciting, and undeniably healthier way to absorb your herb, there is no tool better suited for the task than a portable vaporizer. The only thing superior to a thick billow of marijuana smoke is an immaculate, luscious clean cloud of cannabis-infused vapor. By indirectly heating your chronic to a safe temperature in which only the desirable marijuana components are released as opposed to burning the bud and unleashing the harmful byproducts of traditional combustion smoking, you’re saving on both your lungs and your wallet.
There is a myriad of portable vaporizers with new models hitting the market routinely, and so the options can be intimidating for a newcomer. For this reason we’ve narrowed down a list of the six best portable vapes for greenhorns to the vaporizer world.
Cloud V Phantom Mini The Cloud V Phantom Mini is the perfect blend of comfort and utili..

Strain Review: Berry Haze From Dawg Star Cannabis

Berry Haze combines two uplifting, energetic strains, Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze (my review here), both of which are sativas. The nugs I received in my jar were densely packed and light in color with a veil of trichomes that gave it a shiny, yellow coat. You can expect a sweet smell with a name like Berry Haze and this did indeed live up to that expectation as it contained a fruity smell with a pungent citrus, almost diesel scent that stung the nostrils after I broke it down. Not only did this go down smooth, but it left a sweet hazy taste on my tongue and lips.
Some friends I sesh with buy a lot on Washington’s rec side and I noticed that they kept buying products from a grower called Dawg Star Cannabis, found at Greenhead Cannabis in Vancouver. Since seshing with friends I knew I liked their weed, both Cinderella’s Dream and Dragon’s Breath were magnificently grown and smelled so fucking good! I enjoyed both highs and then one day I realized I needed some of my own. I hi..

Unlicensed medical pot stores had to close by July 1

SEATTLE — To comply with a new law, medical marijuana dispensaries without a recreational pot license were forced to shut down by July 1.
Q-13 reports the Washington Department of Health says more than 300 recreational pot stores are approved to sell medical marijuana, but patients still worry about access.
After Friday, law enforcement will be in charge of cracking down on dispensaries that are not compliant in their jurisdictions.
Under a law passed by the Legislature last year, unlicensed dispensaries that proliferated in the past decade were required to close. Large-scale growing cooperatives that supplied the medical stores were also forced to shut down, to eliminate competition with Washington’s pioneering legal marijuana law, Initiative 502, approved by voters in 2012.
Washington in 1998 became one of the first states to approve the use of marijuana as medicine, but the initiative passed by voters did not allow commercial sales. Instead, patients had to grow the marijuana fo..

State launches medical marijuana database

OLYMPIA — The state Department of Health on Friday debuted its new medical marijuana database to give patients the ability to buy marijuana without tax, in larger doses and quantities, and to grow plants at their residence. Eligible patients can now take an authorization form to an endorsed retailer to receive a “recognition” card that unlocks those benefits.
The database is part of sweeping changes made by the Legislature last year to align the recreational and medical markets. Now medical marijuana can be sold inside recreational retail stores for those stores who have a medical endorsement. The law largely did away with the “collective gardens” that provided medical marijuana in the past.
The state Liquor and Cannabis Board provides a map of retailers with the endorsement, as well as a plethora of other data, at