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Music To Smoke To: A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape

Ever since Kid Cudi went in on ‘Ye and Drake, I’ve had Mr. Solo Dolo on my mind.
After his Twitter rant a discussion was started about what contribution Kid Cudi had to hip-hop since his debut. Some people claimed that though he wasn’t the greatest, he did help usher in a new sound to the genre – something I wholeheartedly agree with. Others were more focused on the fact that he hasn’t had a hit in sometime, so who was he to address Mr. Kardashian that way?
I remember riding the bus to work at 6 am traveling to a job I couldn’t stand, but had to deal with to pay the bills. I’d get hella wake n’ baked, and just let the weed and Cudi’s lyrics envelope my whole being. It was a morning ritual, bong hits to the face and then self reflection as I let Cudi’s lyrics guide me. At this point in time no other rappers (that I had heard of) were throwing Band of Horses, Ratatat, or Paul Simon on a sample and pouring out their soul. Being vulnerable wasn’t cool. A Kid Named Cudi had a different so..

Yakima pot producers step past competition to stay in business

Jamie Muffett hopes to keep Sticky Budz, a marijuana producing and processing business he’s running, in operation — and he’s willing to fight to make sure it does.
His business, which employs 16 full-time workers and is located outside Zillah in unincorporated Yakima County, is licensed by the state Liquor and Cannabis Board.
That, Muffett says, should provide county officials and residents assurance that the business is well supervised and in compliance with state laws.
“It’s so incredibly regulated by the LCB, I think that should give everyone peace of mind,” Muffett said at the business one recent morning.
Even so, there’s a threat to Muffett’s business and others like it in Yakima County.
Officials want to start enforcing the county’s 2014 ban on pot businesses in unincorporated areas of the county. Muffett’s dad, Mike Muffett, owns the company and is among more than 20 state-licensed pot businesses operating despite the ban.
Much is at stake for the pot businesses, with mill..

Product Review: Exxus Mini Vaporizer

I wanted to share my review of a small vaporizer that has some power to it!
The Exxus Mini is just 4 inches tall, comes with an anodized heating chamber, and has an OLED digital screen that shows you the temperature once the unit is on. The Mini heats up in 30 seconds and you can control that temperature using the two arrow dials affixed on the front. There’s an auto shut off feature so you don’t waste any product as well.
The mini comes in 2 colors, black and silver, you can also buy additional glass attachments that you can pick up at Got Vape, the mini will run you $129.
Exxus Mini Vaporizer Kit Includes: Exxus Mini Unit Silicone Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush Loading/Packing Tool Micro USB Charging Cable User Manual Your unit should have 2 hours of battery life with continuous use. I’ve been using mine for 2 weeks sporadically about once a day and the battery has yet to fail me. To charge your unit plug the micro USB charging cable into the charging port located at the bottom.

Product Review: QuickDraw 500 Class Vaporizer

The QuickDraw Vaporizer comes with a smart-cartridge system that gives users the option of using three different material types to enhance their vaping experience. Each cartridge attaches magnetically and users can fill them with herb, extracts, or liquids. The QuickDraw boasts to have increased temperature that delivers rich and flavorful vapor and a long battery life. The QuickDraw 500 comes in 4 colors and will run you $160.
Kit Includes: 500 Class QuickDraw Unit 1 Dry Herb Cartridge 1 Liquid Cartridge 1 Extract Cartridge USB Charging Cable Wall Adapter Tool Kit: 2 loading tools, 1 cleaning brush and extra screens for herb use User Manual Loading and Turning On/Off: Loading your QuickDraw is simple, remove the mouthpiece and decide which cartridge you’ll be using and load with your product, remember that if you’re using the dry herb cartridge you’ll want to grind your herb down before loading, make sure not to over pack so everything burns evenly. Once your product is loaded reatta..

Investors urged to be high on pot

Inside a Brooklyn ballroom, investors smoothed their suits and opened their iPads, preparing for a day of sizing up hungry entrepreneurs and impassioned lobbyists.
One after another, startup founders took to the stage, making their cases for a round of venture capital. There was a building materials manufacturer, a catering company and, as one would expect, the inventor of a vaporizer.
It was high time to monetize pot.
Here at the Investor Pitch Forum last week, hosted by the cannabis industry investment and research firm The Arcview Group, some 200 investors Arcview described as “high net worth” met with dozens of companies looking to cash in on the promising new market of legal recreational marijuana.
Cultivating Spirits, a caterer that pairs organic dishes with fine wines and just the right weed, got the attention of more than a dozen investors.
Mule Extracts, a cannabis-oil extraction company, generated some buzz, too. Chief Executive Officer Rachel E. Kurtz made it through a ..

Pot businesses poised to form growers association

Yakima — As Yakima County officials plan to enforce a ban on all pot businesses in unincorporated areas of the county, marijuana processors and producers are unifying in an effort to stay in operation.
Last weekend, 23 processor and producers gathered to discuss forming a growers association and begin talks with Yakima County Commissioners in hopes of convincing them to lift the ban.
Jamie Muffett, co-owner and operator of Sticky Budz, a marijuana producer and processor outside Zillah, opened his business doors to the Yakima Herald-Republic to show how he’s operating in compliance with state regulations. He believes commissioners would have a change of heart if they understood the safety and security regulations governing the industry.
Meanwhile, commissioners say they intend to stick by the ban because a majority of county voters rejected the initiative that legalized recreational marijuana.
On Sunday, see the full story in the Yakima Herald-Republic and online and get a glimpse i..