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State lawmakers push to allow medical marijuana in schools

OLYMPIA — Meagan Holt sat in the front row of a committee hearing earlier this week holding her 4-year-old daughter Maddie in one arm and a syringe filled with cannabis oil in the other.
“Cannabis is what’s kept her alive all this time,” Holt said. “She isn’t supposed to be here.”
Maddie was born blind, deaf and has many health complications from a rare terminal disease called Zellweger Syndrome. Holt says babies like her usually die shortly after birth, but Maddie has surpassed her life expectancy because of medical marijuana.
Lawmakers in the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee heard parents like Holt speak about the benefits of medical marijuana and how it has helped their children function without pain or other issues until their next dose. House Bill 1060 would allow a parent or guardian to privately administer medical marijuana to a child while at school, on a school bus or at a school-sponsored event. Under existing law schools are not required to allow on-site u..

Uptown Village neighbors frustrated with marijuana store patrons

If Mike Gilles were to knock back a bottle of Jack Daniels on the front porch of a stranger’s home, he wouldn’t be surprised if the cops were called.
“I could or should expect to experience consequences,” Gilles said. “Those are the cultural norms.”
But people smoke marijuana on the front porch of his Vancouver townhouse, which is across the street from Main Street Marijuana. They light up in his backyard, too, which is technically a park. Around here, neighbors say, be warned before opening the windows to enjoy the spring air.
“Recreational use of marijuana is new to our community and across the country,” Gilles told members of the Vancouver City Council recently.
It’s time, he said, to develop the cultural norms around marijuana, just like the nation did with alcohol use generations ago.
The members of the Uptown Village Residential Homeowners Association board, made up of mainly townhouses and a handful of condominiums, located across the street from the highest-grossing pot sh..

Cannabis industry expected to flourish

America’s cannabis industry will continue growing at double-digit rates over the next four years — even with ambiguity emanating from the White House — as the drug gains in popularity, according to a leading marijuana-research firm.
Legalized pot in North America will continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 27 percent through 2021, according to an Arcview Market Research report released Thursday. The momentum of the past few years won’t be stopped by the Trump Administration, said Chief Executive Officer Troy Dayton.
While President Donald Trump has gone back and forth about his stance on marijuana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been a clear opponent and has vowed to enforce laws against drug use, including cannabis. But Dayton and others in the industry say a crackdown is unlikely because of the popularity of the movement and the funds it would take to renew the war on the drug.
“It’s just so politically unpopular, it would be silly,” he said.
About 71 percent of voters..

High pesticide level spurs first recreational pot recall

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Liquor Control Commission issued its first recall of recreational marijuana after samples of a type of pot were found to contain a level of pesticide residue above the state limit.
The Blue Magoo marijuana was sold at Buds 4 U in Mapleton, a community 45 miles west of Eugene, Ore., The Capital Press reported. The commission, which oversees retail sales of recreational pot, said people who bought the drug should return it to the retailer or throw it out.
The retailer notified the agency immediately after spotting the failed pesticide reading in the state’s cannabis tracking system, commission spokesman Mark Pettinger said. The shop sold the brand to 31 customers March 8-10.
Pettinger said a wholesaler shipped the pot to the Mapleton store before the test results were entered in the tracking system.
“The retailer was great,” he said. “They get the gold star.”
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission said the samples failed a test for pyrethrin levels. They are a..

Colorado may OK marijuana clubs

DENVER — The Colorado Senate on Thursday passed a first-in-the-nation bill expressly permitting marijuana clubs. But Gov. John Hickenlooper is hinting that he’ll veto the measure unless it bans indoor smoking.
The bill allows local jurisdictions to permit bring-your-own pot clubs, as long as those establishments don’t serve alcohol or any food beyond light snacks.
The bill doesn’t say whether those clubs could allow people to smoke pot indoors. That means it would be possible for a membership club that is closed to the public and has no more than three employees to permit indoor pot smoking.
Sponsors say the bill is necessary because Colorado already has a network of underground, unregulated pot clubs, and towns aren’t sure how to treat them.
Pot clubs could help alleviate complaints that Colorado’s sidewalks and public parks have been inundated with pot smokers since the state legalized recreational weed in 2012.
“We have a lot of problems throughout this state of people publicl..

Strain Review: Black Gorilla From Honest Marijuana

We’re back with another Honest Marijuana strain review, last week we took on their Girl Scout Cookies, today we’re going to talk about their strain Black Gorilla.
I don’t know much about this strain, but according to Honest Marijuana it’s a cross of fan favorite Gorilla Glue #4 and a strain called Bright Berry. Like Honest Marijuana’s other strains, Black Gorilla is organically grown and also sealed in the nitro cans to preserve the quality of the bud. When I opened the can I was met with a bevy of golden-tinted green spheres that were covered in a nice layer of shiny trichomes and a pungent berry smell with a strong undertones that stung my sniffer.
Last Friday after work I celebrated with a few remaining bowls of Black Gorilla and it was quite the experience. Since I am off early on Fridays I usually have time for a nap and as I was waiting to fall asleep I kept hearing these funky, jovial beats which was weird because there was no music playing. I was channeling a part of my brain..