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Munchies: Gummy Bears From Albanese Candy

I couldn’t think of how to start this post, and while I sit here on a cloud of smoke I am thinking of this moment where Homer Simpson who is stuck at sea (Boy Scoutz ‘n the Hood) is dreaming about dancing with two lollipops and an ice cream cone to the tune of “Sugar, Sugar”.
Picture me as Homer, but dancing with Gummy Bears instead.
While I typically like to have healthy snack items around when the munchies kick in, I almost never want that apple and peanut butter. Instead I find myself reaching for these Albanese Gummy Bears.
I found these gummy bears at Fred Meyer after someone recommended them to me. I’m so glad I listened because they are so damn good! They can be found in the granola and nut area near the bakery, packaged in clear plastic containers at 1lb for $3.99. Each container contains 12 flavors: Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple and lemon.
The gummy bears are slightly larger than Haribo G..

Strain Review: Golden Pineapple From Phat Panda

Becks and the no good, very bad day.
At work we had to upgrade to a new version of Quickbooks and while the actual installation was a breeze, the program decided to fight with our check printing software. I spent about 4-5 hours updating and patching and about half way through this whole fiasco I actually had to stop and ask Google “Is Mercury in retrograde?”…YES. How could I forget…ugh. The problems were all resolved, but my day was ruined. The night before I predicted a breezy Thursday, silly me.
I left work in a sour mood and realized that with all the craziness I forgot to get gas, SERIOUSLY? Our weather is in this bipolar place right now where it can’t decide what it wants to be. Sun, rain, bright, dark, warm, cold, rinse, repeat. It’s fucking with my psyche and I was in desperate need for this mood to go far away.
After a much needed nap I decided to light up my 1 gram Golden Pineapple pre-roll from Phat Panda, purchased at the Herbery in Vancouver, Wa. Golden Pineapple is a s..


Little known fact: A lot of wrestling fans are avid tokers.
I grew up watching WWF/WWE, it was one of my favorite rituals to enjoy with my pops. Fast forward to me at age 33 and I still can’t get enough! There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching wrestling when I’m baked.
After a nice session I’m always mesmerized by the athleticism the wrestlers possess and the HOLY SHIT moments that always occur. From the elaborate entrances and costumes to the hilariously cheesy/bad acting, weed and wrestling are the perfect tag team.
The other day I was watching Smackdown…stoned of course, when I realized that so many of the finishers could also pass for strain names. I decided to gather up some of the most popular finishers and decided to create my own strains. These are all 100% made up strains and descriptions!
RKO RKO is a sneaky-strong indica that incapacitates you with its viper-like ability to knock you the fuck out. Soon after ingesting you’ll start to feel pain relieving qualities in ..

Lucas Brothers: On Drugs

How did you celebrate 420?
Most of the Pacific Northwest hit up events and parties, but I did what I normally do and took the day off to Netflix & Chill. This 420 I was mad excited because the Lucas Brothers new comedy special Lucas Bros: On Drugs premiered on Netflix. Before settling in to watch the new special I had a special sesh with a strain called “Fucking Incredible” and hit play when I felt I was ready to have my mind blown.
Like many, I was first introduced to the twin brothers after their role in 22 Jump Street, where the brothers basically played themselves. After their roles in 22 Jump Street they had an animated series, Lucas Bros Moving Company that appeared on Fox and FXX’s Animation Domination lineup, it ran for two seasons. Kenny and Keith attended law school for 3 years before deciding to pursue comedy.
On Drugs is definitely for the stoners! You don’t necessarily have to be high to enjoy it, but being high gives you more patience and you’ll need it given their ran..

Black Mamba Slam Poetry

Though I reside in the Pacific Northwest (Portland/Vancouver to be exact), I have always been a Lakers fan. It’s a tough thing to be up here, but being from LA is something I hold dear to my heart because that’s where my family got their start after my grandparents migrated from Yucatan. Growing up I was always surrounded by sports, if it wasn’t the Dodgers it was always the Lakers.
One of the greatest to play wearing Purple and Gold is none other than Kobe Bryant. His last couple years weren’t his best, but through numerous injuries Kobe fought through it all and still played hard. Since retiring he hasn’t been in the spotlight as much, taking some much needed time off, but this year he’s been popping up more and more and I ain’t mad about that.
We don’t get to see the looser side of the Black Mamba, so lets all enjoy this clip from the Tonight Show where Kobe gives us some Urkel inspired slam poetry. (via)
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Sales blaze on marijuana holiday in Clark County

Jim Mullin, owner of a trio of marijuana dispensaries in Clark County, said his staff and customers compare April 20 to Christmas.
“Everybody comes in. Some of the people maybe just consume (marijuana) once a year, and this is the day they come out,” he said. “It’s a globally recognized day for cannabis consumption. I think it celebrates our new industry.”
Every year, April 20 is a marijuana blowout, but its origins differ based on whom you ask. Apocryphal histories range from “420” being a police code for marijuana smoking in public or the time school closed for a group of high school stoners.
Today, it’s closer to Black Friday for the legal marijuana industry. Prices of marijuana flower, edibles and extracts are slashed. Before opening Thursday morning, lines stretched around all three locations of Main Street Marijuana.
Owner Ramsey Hamide said Thursday the shop, already the top-selling store in the state, expected to triple or quadruple its business. He said most users take adv..