Weed Leaf Keychain Grinder Card

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Weed Keychain Grinder Cards Get You in Your Customers’ pockets!

  • FREE graphic design for first time customers
  • Decorated in the USA
  • Authentic patented V Syndicate technology
  • Second side decoration available
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Blank, 1 color, full color, and all over print
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Weed Keychain Grinder Cards

Get in your customers’ pockets! A Weed keychain grinder cards are the perfect high end promotional product because it literally puts you in your customer’s pocket. Your message goes where they go. Make a long lasting impression by using a custom printed card grinder for your next promo.

Keychain grinder cards are the most practical, convenient and discreet solution for grinding your herbs anywhere! The card features a finger friendly grinding surface to grind your herbs to the ideal consistency. After grinding use it to scoop up smaller bits of buds or stray stems, tighten your roll and even crush your stuff.

Weed Leaf Keychain grinders all over color decoration

Weed leaf keychain grinder with all over color.


The grinder keychain is around the same size of most standard keychains and fits perfectly in your pocket. The product weighs 6 grams, and sized at a reasonable 1.5 in x 2.1 in.

Custom Decoration Options

Weed keychain grinder cards have a stock weed leaf shaped grinding surface with room above it for your logo. Each card receives your unique art or logo that will never be duplicated.

This and the standard key chain grinder card have 3 print options: one color, full color and all over color.  Use the open space above the grinding surface to print one color of your choice. Since this option is produced quickly, one color print is suggested for orders requiring extremely fast turn times.

Use full color to add a full color logo above the grinding surface. Full color has a slightly longer turn time than one color print. If you have an event coming up, and you must have card grinders, full color is a safe bet.

With all over print you can decorate the entire card. All over print is possible in full color but please keep in mind that all over printed cards can take longer to produce. All over print is not recommended for large orders needed in a very short period of time. See images for examples.

Get creative and build your own mockup. Contact us for art templates or we can do the product mockup for you. Here is what you should know about art readiness before uploading your art.

Weed Leaf Keychain Grinder Decoration Options

Weed Leaf Keychain Grinders have 3 decoration options: one color, full color and all over color.

*Second side decoration is available by request.

*White is not a color option with full color and all over color orders. For full color and all over color designs including white, the natural stainless steel will be visible in its place.

*Colors may not translate in the exact colors provided. Sample proof will be provided for approval before production.

Other Weed Keychain Grinder Cards

Our stock keychain grinder card options allow for smaller minimum order quantities and faster turn times. If you need keychain card grinders fast you have options with our stock Rapid Run versions. In addition to the weed leaf keychain grinders with rectangular grinding surface we have a standard keychain grinder card. Turn time is approximately 10 business days on standard orders and 7 business days or less with express fulfillment on the Rapid Run options.

If you have the time to wait we can make a fully custom keychain grinder card. Custom keychain cards can be designed in unique shapes to fit your art. Custom grinding surfaces are also possible with this option. Please note that custom keychain cards have a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces and require 8 weeks to produce. Click the links so you can learn more about each type of keychain grinder.


Just rub any dry herb against our patented finger-friendly Groove n’ Grind surface like a cheese grater. Drag your herbs back and forth over the surface, repeating the process until the herb is ground up. We offer 3 grind textures, fine, medium, and coarse. Keychain grinder cards are one of the only grinders that feature a variety of textures, allowing you a perfect grind for any situation.


Next, use the card to scoop and place your ground herbs where you need it. Use the card to scoop ground tobacco into papers and also aid in rolling. Take ground herbs and scoop them over your food for seasoning. You can even use the card to scoop ground herbs into containers for storage. The edge of the card is also good for cutting open fruit or chopping vegetables, making them extremely versatile tools. These items are generally a great kitchen tool.


Produced with stainless steel, keychain grinder cards will be around to promote your message for a very long time. Since they are flat, card grinders easily store in a wallet pocket or purse like any keychain. In addition, our card grinders are portable, finger friendly and easy to clean.

Other Grinder Card Products

Check out our custom card grinders, bottle opener grinders and custom dog tag grinders for even more options! Learn more about how to use custom grinder cards.



Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 60 × 35.3 × 0.5 mm


Production Time:

Approximately 10 days based on order size. Approximately 30 days for back orders. Turn around may vary based on quantity and complexity of order.

Setup Cost

$40 for each new design

Customization Options

Full Color

Customizable Surface Area:

Dog tag dimensions

Display Information

No Displays Available

Display Size:


Product Materials

Stainless Steel



Additional Details:



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