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British Police Find Weed Plant Disguised As Christmas Tree

This Christmas police in Cheltenham, England raided a local home that was also a small cannabis farm. All of the plants inside were confiscated, but apparently one plant almost went undetected because it was covered in decorations making it look like a Christmas Tree. Before seizing the tree they snapped a photo ad posted it to Twitter with the caption reading “Not your traditional Xmas Tree! Two arrested in Cheltenham on suspicion of cannabis cultivation”.
Brings a whole new meaning to the words “Merry Kushmas”…(via)
Not your traditional Xmas Tree! Two arrested in Cheltenham on suspicion of cannabis cultivation.
— Glos Police (@Glos_Police) December 22, 2016
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Six Predictions For The Cannabis Industry In 2017 via Forbes

I wanted to quickly share this list of “Six Predictions For The Cannabis Industry In 2017” that Debra Borchardt wrote yesterday. To read the full article, please hit this link.
Los Angeles Will Become The Marijuana Capital Move over Denver, Adam Bierman Chief Executive Officer of cannabis investment firm MedMen Capital believes that the City of Angels will steal the spotlight from the Mile High City. Bierman said that by some estimates, Los Angeles’s medical marijuana market alone is already close to $1 billion, easily overshadowing Colorado’s entire market. The city is expected to pass an ordinance in 2017 that will clear the path for a proper licensing program and open up the recreational market. Bierman said that capital is flowing into the area for local ventures as investors begin to smell money in the emerging market.
A Sports League Will Green Light Marijuana Bierman believes that in 2017 a major sports league will approve the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Many profess..

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test

Stuff Stoners Like have put together one of the best and most definitive guides on how to pass a drug test.
As marijuana legalization spreads across the nation and more states allow adults to smoke pot—more people will be forced to submit to a drug test. The most popular being the urine drug test seems to be an embarrassing assault on privacy. But there are several other drug tests out there including a hair, mouth swab and blood drug test and we’ll touch on how to beat them in this post.
Sure certain professionals within safety-sensitive industries like healthcare, defense, law enforcement and transportation should be drug tested, federal law requires it and that’s understandable. However most employers aren’t legally obligated to test potential or current employees for drug use—especially marijuana. claims that between 40 and 65 percent of today’s employers look to drug test or drug screen employees or potential hires whether they are required to or not. Why do em..

Factors To Consider For Improved Harvest Of Auto Flowering Cannabis

Auto-flowering cannabis offers many fascinating benefits that allows the most inexperienced grower to cultivate a cannabis plant with amazingly considerable success.
An Auto-flowering cannabis plant has many distinctive advantages over conventional cannabis plants. For this reason it makes them suitable for cultivation mostly (but not only) for beginners. The most appealing advantages of Auto-flowering plant is hinged on the fact that it’s not affected by the 12/12 stipulated light cycle that is required for conventional cannabis plant to grow and produce flower. An auto-flowering seed is relatively convenient when compared to regular cannabis with a higher level of resilience that makes it suitable to grow in variety of conditions. There are a lot of guides on the web for learning more.
While the auto-flowering is suitable for a variety of acceptable reasons, the dwarfish Ruderalis strain which is one of the major strains of auto-flowering cannabis is remarkably short. While cultiva..

Music To Smoke To: Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama – Chance The Rapper + Jeremih

Twenty Sixteen has been quite the year for Chance the Rapper and it’s been a special thing to watch.
I was first introduced to Chance when his Acid Rap mixtape dropped and I was enamored by his interesting sound. Since Acid Rap he’s been on a mission to carve his name next to some of the greats. He worked on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo and most recently dropped his mixtape Coloring Book that received rave reviews and led to a huge tour. He’s nominated for 7 Grammy’s including Best New Artist and Best Rap album, a first for streaming-only albums.
Last night my Twitter feed was abuzz with joy because Chance and Jeremih decided to drop a Christmas collaboration that’s just what we needed to end this crazy year. Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama has a special appearance from comedian Hannibal Buress (read about how this came about) on “All the Way” where he request that they “Put them Travis Scott effects on his shit”.
Merry Christmas Lil Mama is for Chicago, the hometown of Chance and Jeremih, b..

Gingerbread House Bong From @CoralReefer420

When you think about Christmas, what comes to mind?
I always think bright lights, candy canes, and gingerbread houses. Building gingerbread houses is a tradition I know a lot of you partake in. The activity never struck me as something that looked fun cuz it looks like it takes a lot of effort and creativity, two things I often times lack. This might change next year thanks to Pot Princess, Coral Reefer.
After receiving some suggestions from her #worldreefers, she accepted the challenge and put together a cute gingerbread house that is also a bong, let’s see how it works. Check out more from Coral on Twitter and YouTube.
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