Doob Tubes

Elevate Your Brand With Custom Joint Tubes

Doob tubes offer a space to display your brand’s logo, name, or other brand elements. With customization you create a unique and memorable promotional item that stands out. Choose from a variety of colors, designs, and branding options to create your custom doob tube.

Whether it is a free sample or retail sale, custom pre roll containers are a must for any company that offers joints or cones. Custom joint tubes allow you to infuse your brand identity into every aspect of your pre-roll packaging. With your logo prominently displayed, these tubes become a canvas for your brand’s image.

Custom pre roll tubes with printed logos serve as marketing tools. As your customers use and share these tubes, your brand’s visibility and reach expand organically. Whether you’re business is strengthening its brand presence or adding a personal touch, pre-roll tubes offer a perfect blend of style and protection.

With custom pre roll tubes, you’re not just packaging pre-rolled joints; you’re showcasing your brand to the world. When you add your logo, you have a powerful brand tool that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. So, why wait? Explore the world of custom joint tubes today and elevate your brand to new heights in the cannabis industry.

Custom doob tubes are in stock at our shop in Tampa, Fl, USA and ready to print. Because we keep inventory, your order is ready to ship in less than 10 business days. Choose express fulfillment when you need your order to ship in 7 days or less.

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What are Doob Tubes?

Doob tubes, also known as joint tubes and pre-roll tubes, are small cylindrical containers made to hold and protect pre-rolled joints and cones. They are popular in the cannabis industry to store and transport pre-rolled cannabis products.

They are airtight and waterproof, so there is a protective barrier for the pre-roll joint or cone inside. The tubes keep the contents safe from moisture, odors, and physical damage, and preserve the freshness of your weed.

There is a doob tube size to fit all standard-size pre-roll joints and cones. Joint tubes vary in length, depending on the size of the pre-roll joint it is meant to hold. Some doob tubes feature a child-proof cap, adding an extra layer of safety and security.

Why Choose Doob Tubes as Your Next Promotional Product

Doob tubes make great promo for CBD shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis farms and more. Custom doob tubes are available in plastic, wood, glass and metal. Perfect for pre rolled CBD or joints and blunts of all sizes. Thinking about wholesale pre roll tubes? Here’s some reasons why it’s a good move:

  1. Protect and Preserve: Doob tubes are designed to protect and preserve pre-rolled joints or cones. They are made from durable materials, to keep the contents fresh and damage free. By offering a functional item that helps preserve the quality of the cannabis product, you enhance the perceived value and usefulness of your promotional product.
  2. Convenient and Portable: Doob tubes are compact, portable, and easy to use. They offer an easy way for users to carry pre-rolled joints or cones while on the go, so they remain fresh and intact. When you provide a practical and useful item, you increase the likelihood that your promotional product gets frequent use.
  3. Odor Control: The airtight and waterproof design of doob tubes contains the odor of your weed. This is useful in situations where discretion is necessary.
  4. Inexpensive: Because doob tubes are cheap to buy in bulk, they are a cost-effective promo item. When you choose doob tubes as your promotional item, you provide a useful and practical item that won’t break the bank. This allows you to use more of your budget to buy other products.
  5. Target Audience: Doob tubes are particularly relevant to weed smokers who prefer smoking pre-rolled joints or cones. By offering doob tubes with logo, you target weed smokers and align your brand with their preferences and interests.
  6. Professional Presentation: When you hand over a pre-roll in a custom joint tube, you’re not just providing a product; you’re offering a memorable experience. The professional look of these tubes sets the stage for a positive encounter with your brand.

Overall, doob tubes offer a practical, low cost, and customizable promo item that aligns with the preferences of marijuana smokers. They provide a visible space to display your brand’s logo and offer an opportunity to enhance brand recognition. When used properly, custom-branded doob tubes serve as a valuable and effective marketing tool for your canna business.