Doob Tubes

Branded Doob Tubes for Pre Rolls

Create an inexpensive cannabis convention giveaway or improve your dispensary exit packaging with custom doob tubes. We will add your custom art or logo to one or two sides of the tube as needed.  Custom decorated lids are an option for some styles.

Custom Doob Tubes Fast

Since they are decorated in house, we offer super fast production times. No waiting on customs or long import turn times. Custom doob tubes ship from our shop in Tampa, Florida within 10 business days for all in stock options.

Product Options

Doob tubes are available in joint and blunt sizes. Check back for more branded tube options coming soon.

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Why Choose Doob Tubes

Doob tubes make great promo for CBD shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis farms and more. Custom doob tubes are available in plastic, wood, glass and metal. Perfect for pre rolled CBD or cannabis joints and blunts of all sizes. Whether it is a free sample or retail sale, custom pre roll containers are a must for any company offering their customers joints or cones.

Doob tubes have tight fitting pop top or screw on lids so they are odor proof, smell proof, and waterproof.  As a result, you get a fresh dry joint each time. For extra security, choose a childproof tube in opaque colors.

Inexpensive Cannabis Themed Promo

Since custom doob tubes are extremely durable, your tube gets used again and again. With a variety of sizes you can store anything from a 1 1/4 size preroll up to the fattest of blunts. Doob tubes are a great way to promote your cannabis brand with a small advertising budget.

Whether you are ordering a small order or bulk run, expect a high quality decoration that lasts a lifetime. When you are ready to order, contact us for art templates. Get your tubes in bulk and save today with wholesale pricing!