Rolling Papers

Traditional 420 Promo

Custom rolling papers are the classic way to promote your cannabis brand or business. Since it’s a promo product that everyone will keep and use, your logo has long term visibility.

Create a memorable business card, free gift with purchase, or cannabis trade show giveaway when you add your full color CMYK art to the entire package.

Custom Rolling Papers Fast!

No waiting on customs or long import delivery times. Because you need them fast, our most popular rolling paper styles are decorated right here in Tampa, Florida, USA!  That means lightning fast turn times. Get rolling papers with your logo fast when you choose one of our Rapid Run options.

Whether it is a small dispensary order or large wholesale run, expect a quality product on time every time. Free stock displays with every order of custom rolling papers.  Custom displays manufactured by request.  Save with volume pricing when you buy in bulk.

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What size rolling papers should I get?

The best rolling papers size depends on preference and your intent. For your convenience smoke promos manufactures custom rolling papers in 3 popular sizes, single size, 1 1/4 size, and king size slim

Single Size Rolling Papers – Single size rolling papers are the smallest of the three styles we offer. Because they are the smallest, single size are great for people who don’t want to smoke a lot of weed in one sitting. Great for small joints, also known as “Dog Walkers” are for short smoke sessions just long enough for someone to walk their dog.

1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers – Although single size papers are known as “standard size”, 1 1/4 size rolling paper have become the standard size option for most smokers. 1 1/4 size papers allow you to roll enough weed to share with a friend or two. Dispensaries most often use this size for pre rolled joints.

King Size Slim Rolling Papers – King size slim rolling papers, also known as KSS, are the largest style we manufacture. Measuring approximately 4.25 inches, KSS papers allow you to roll large, nearly blunt sized joints. King size papers are suggested for large groups… or really bad days.

Rolling Paper Booklet Closure Types

Our branded rolling paper booklets come in a variety of closure types such as: standard closure, tab closure, magnetic closure, rope closure.

Also available, booklets with filter tips in all the standard sizes. Our custom rolling papers are manufactured from traditional blend or hemp because you expect quality promo at an affordable price.

Choose Branded Rolling Papers for Your Next Promo Campaign.

With cannabis legalization sweeping the United States, there is an increased demand for marijuana themed promotional items. That means that traditional branded smoking accessories are making a comeback and custom rolling papers are topping the list.

Because they are inexpensive and easy to transport, rolling papers are a standard cannabis themed promotional product you know your customers can use.