Stoner Bundles

Build the Ultimate 420 Box Set  for Your Customers

The ultimate custom branded 420 box sets can include a variety of items to enhance the cannabis experience for smokers. Here are some items that should be included in your smoker’s kit:

  1. Custom Branded Glass Pipe: A personalized glass pipe can serve as the centerpiece of the starter kit. It can be customized with the brand’s logo, name, or design, offering a unique and memorable smoking accessory.
  2. Grinder: A high-quality grinder is an essential tool for breaking down cannabis buds into a fine, consistent texture. Including a branded grinder in the starter kit ensures that users have a convenient and effective way to prepare their cannabis.
  3. Rolling Papers: Rolling papers are a classic choice for consuming cannabis. Including a pack of custom branded rolling papers allows beginners to try their hand at rolling joints and adds a personalized touch to their smoking experience.
  4. Lighter: A reliable lighter is a must-have item for igniting the cannabis. Including a branded lighter ensures that users have a functional and stylish tool to light their preferred cannabis product.
  5. Storage Container: A small, airtight storage container can be included to help users keep their cannabis fresh and secure. A branded storage container offers a practical and thoughtful addition to the starter kit.
  6. Odor-Proof Bag: To provide discretion and keep the smell contained, an odor-proof bag can be included. This allows users to transport their cannabis and smoking accessories discreetly and securely.
  7. Cleaning Tools: Including cleaning tools like pipe cleaners or brushes ensures that users can maintain the cleanliness and functionality of their smoking accessories. These tools help keep the pipes and grinders in optimal condition.
  8. Personalized Accessories: Additional custom branded accessories, such as stickers, keychains, or pins, can be included to add extra flair and brand exposure.
  9. Educational Materials: To enhance the educational aspect of the starter kit, informative materials such as a beginner’s guide to cannabis or tips for responsible consumption can be included. These materials can help beginners navigate the world of cannabis safely and knowledgeably.

The specific items included in the ultimate custom branded 420 starter kit can be tailored to the brand’s preferences, budget, and the target audience. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and personalized collection of items that create a positive and engaging experience for beginners in the cannabis space.

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