Loaded n’ Rollin’ – Blue Box

As low as $88.00

The branded Loaded n’ Rollin’ kit is for your high end stoner clients.

  • Ships in 14 business days or less
  • Decorated in the USA
  • Choose your color scheme
  • Precision cut foam insert
  • Permanent decoration

Your bag is packed and so is your pipe. With the Loaded N’ Rollin’ Stoner Kit you have everything you need to hit the road and the joint. This kit is perfect for a long road trips or weekend getaways because, inside the miniature suitcase, you will find everything you need to smoke on the go. Here is what the Loaded n’ Rolling Stoner Kit includes:

  • 62mm 4-piece hex grinder? Includes precision laser etched logo on the top of the grinder. Second side decoration is available by request for an additional fee.
  • Small nug jar? Includes permanent black mark on one side. Decoration is also available on the lid and second side by request for and additional fee.
  • Square glass ashtray Includes permanent black mark on the inside.
  • 4 Inch dugout?Includes a 3 inch one hitter. Your logo is added with precision laser etching on one side and then hand painted in your color of choice.
  • Bamboo rolling tray? Includes precision laser etched logo on the top of the tray.
  • 1 1/4 rolling paper Includes 2 booklets of full color 1 1/4 sized booklets of hemp rolling papers.
  • Blunt tubes? Includes 1 color print on one side for orders of 50 bundles or more. Blank tubes provided for orders under 50 kits. Second side decoration available for an additional fee.
  • Stash box – Includes mini suitcase stash box with snug fitting foam insert to protect all of the items inside.

Loaded n’ Rollin’ stoner kits color options include black, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, red, and assorted. Get a grinder, and doob tubes in the color of your choice and a wooden dugout hand painted in the same color. Tissue paper with the same color will be used to accent the jar and the ashtray.

Custom 420 Box Sets

Art with more than one color requires good registration and separation of colors. Due to to complexity of some art files, multi-color orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please click the links above to see product photos and details for each individual item.

Please no photographs or images with color gradients because we cannot use them. Clip art style images work best when decorating Loaded n’ Rolling stoner kits.?Contact us?for approval of multi-color images before ordering.

Print your logo on the glass items in any of our available stock ink colors when you buy 75 bundles or more.

***To get a better understanding of what is acceptable art, please review our art readiness page for more information. When you are ready to order, contact us for art templates.?

**Waited until the last minute and now you need Loaded n’ Rollin’ Kits in a hurry? When you choose, I Need it Fast, at checkout we will work late to finish your order right away.

Additional information

Weight71 oz
Dimensions11.75 × 8 × 3.625 in
Weight (g):: No selection


Dimensions (mm):: No selection

333.1125 x 226.8 x 102.76875

MOQ:: No selection


Setup Cost:: No selection

$40 for each new design

Product Materials:: No selection

Metal, Plastic, Wood

Additional decoration cost:: No selection

See individual product options for decoration details

Customizable Surface Area:: No selection

See individual product options for decoration details

ASI - PPAI - SAGE:: No selection


Display Information:: No selection

No Display – Bulk Pack

Display Size:: No selection


Display Weight (oz):: No selection


Case Count:: No selection


Case Size (in):: No selection


Case Weight (lb):: No selection


Brand: No selection

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