Clipper Lighters

6 Reasons Why Stoners Love Clipper Lighters

There are a lot of reasons to love Clipper lighters. Custom printed Clipper lighters are popular among stoners because they have a lot of unique features that are helpful to smokers. Here are six of them:

  1. Refillable and Replaceable Flint: Unlike disposable lighters,  custom printed Clipper lighters are refillable with butane gas. This feature makes them eco friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, the replaceable flint wheel, extends the lifespan of the lighter.
  2. Built-in Packing Tool: The removable flint housing doubles as a packing tool for rolling joints and packing bowls. Stoners who value convenience appreciate this built-in functionality.
  3. Add Your Logo: Custom printed clipper lighters are great promotional products for all brands because they have three decoration locations to choose from. Add your logo, art, or line of text to the front, thumb bridge and, one side.
  4. Design and Style: Clipper lighters’ unique design sets them apart from regular lighters. They have a cylindrical shape with a round body and a removable flint housing for use as a poker and packing tool. They feature colorful and eye-catching designs and popular cannabis-related imagery.
  5. Safety Features: Clipper lighters are designed with safety in mind. The flame size is adjustable, so users control the intensity of the flame. This feature is useful when lighting a joint or a bowl, as it allows for a precise and controlled burn. Additionally, Clipper lighters are child-resistant, which is important for users who have children.
  6. Collectibility: Stoners enjoy collecting different designs and consider Clipper lighters as a part of their cannabis paraphernalia collection. This aspect adds an extra layer of appeal for many stoners.

Overall, the popularity of Clipper lighters among stoners is because of their unique design, functionality, refillability, safety features, and collectible nature.

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Get Custom Printed Clipper Lighters Fast

Custom printed Clipper lighters are part of our Rapid Run line of products. Get Clipper lighters printed and shipped fast when you choose one of our in stock color ways.

Custom printed plastic Clippers are available in single individual colors like, black, blue, green, red, white, transparent as well as assorted colors. Assorted color options include standard and neon colors.

Metal Clipper lighters are a super durable version of their plastic sibling. Metal Clippers are available in Black, gold, rose gold, icey, and silver.

See the product profiles for more information about each individual product.

Why are Clipper Lighters Round?

The short answer is that the round shape ensures durability. Lighters are miniature compressed gas tanks. If Clipper lighters were square, pressure would build in the corners and they would more likely rupture. Because they are round, the pressure is evenly distributed. This is also why propane tanks are round and not square. You choose safety and durability when you choose custom Clipper lighters.