Pipes & Bongs

Custom Pipes and Bongs

When it comes to cannabis themed promotional items, nothing screams canna friendly like custom branded smoking utensils. Get pipes, bowls, bongs, and more custom branded with your art or logo in a wide range of materials.

  • One hitters
  • Glass Chillums
  • Brass hand pipes
  • Metal hand pipes
  • Wooden pipes
  • Water bongs
  • Glass pipes

One Hitters

Inexpensive 420 promo available in both metal and glass. Adding a small logo or line of text gives your brand daily visibility.


Choose American made when you buy branded glass chillums. Hand made on demand right here in the USA in the color of your choice.  Add your logo and you have a premium cannabis promo your customers will love.

Brass Hand Pipes

Our custom brass hand pipes are manufactured right here in the USA out of American brass for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. Brass pipes include hardwood sleeves to minimize heat transfer from the bowl to your hand. Precision machined and hand finished so quality is guaranteed in every piece. Add your logo for a high quality custom hand pipe everyone will love.

Metal Hand Pipes

If you have been smoking for a while you have had one in your stash box, and probably still do.  Traditional, reliable, metal hand pipes are available in two styles, standard and angled. Choose from multiple color options in both versions to match any logo or campaign color scheme.

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