EZ Pipes – Assorted

As low as $4.00

Why choose the EZ pipes with your logo?

  • Perfect for on-to-go hits
  • The EZ pipe is discreet & virtually smokeless
  • Innovative design protects against wind
  • Get up to 20% more out of your herb
  • Insert poker included with the pipe

Custom EZ Pipes with Logo

Load your dry herb insert your lighter fire it up. That’s all you need to know about using the EZ Pipe the most convenient lighter piper for your juicy buds. That and that the hits are out of this world!

Get your hands on this easy-to-use & easy-to-clean burner pipe and stop wasting your botanicals today. Be EZ with the EZ Pipe you’ll thank us later.

Note: This product is a burner pipe for botanicals (not a vaporizer).

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Whether you are stocking head shop shelves, adding new options to your cannabis lifestyle brand’s online store or gifting them at cannabis themed events, hand pipes are a unique and long lasting option.

Custom weed pipes are decorated on demand right here in the USA for super fast turn times.

Our innovative EZ Pipe will be an instant hit for you if you’re into discreet and convenient smoking. To use it, swivel open the metal lid, insert your botanical and slide your BIC or Clipper lighter into the holder. All you need to do now is pop up the mouthpiece, hit that lighter button, and you’re good to go!

The EZ pipe doesn’t produce much smoke, which is why it’s a great way to use your botanicals when you need a bit of extra discretion. It’s also windproof and frugal you’ll save up to 20% more of your material by using it. Easy to maintain and clean, the EZ pipe comes with a stainless steel top-cap bottom (which has a magnetic grip), so it’s easy to detach. We’ve also included an insert poker, making the clean-up a breeze!

Custom Pipes

Decorate one or both sides as needed.

Please, no photographs or images with color gradients. Clip art style images work best on branded metal smoking pipes. Since it is a small customizable surface area, highly detailed images will not translate well. Contact us for approval of multi-color images before placing your order.

**Please review our art readiness page for more information about acceptable art. When you are ready to order, contact us for art templates.

**Waited until the last minute and now you need branded metal smoking pipes with in a hurry? When you choose, I Need it Fast, at checkout we will work late to finish your order right away.

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Setup Cost:: No selection

$40 for each new design

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Additional decoration cost:: No selection

$0.50 per color/location

Customizable Surface Area:: No selection

2 1/8" x .5"

ASI - PPAI - SAGE:: No selection


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No displays available at this time

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