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710 Dab Day Promo: Don’t Let Flower Have All the Fun

Wax, oil, dabs, shatter, no matter what you call it, custom concentrate accessories are a great way to promote your cannabis brand. Because they are so sticky, concentrates require non-stick tools and storage containers. We have you covered.

When you need to promote a dispensary, cannabis farm or extraction company, branded concentrate products are the right choice. Impress your customers when you use custom dab products for vendor day giveaways or as a free gift with purchase.

Customization is key to leaving a lasting impression. Imagine your logo displayed on high-quality dab tools, containers, mats, or kits. These custom products make your brand stand out and  remind your customers of your products and services.

We decorate our custom concentrate accessories and jars in house in Tampa, FL, USA. Because we keep products in stock and decorate them ourselves, we ship your order in 10 business days or less.

We are adding new products so check back soon for all of the additions that are coming to this category.

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Which Custom Dab Accessories are Best for Your Concentrates Brand?

When you invest in custom dab accessories with your logo, you give your customers functional and high-quality products and establish a strong and memorable presence for your brand. Consider one of these options for your next promo:

  • Dab Containers: Keep concentrates fresh and secure while you showcase your brand’s logo. This ensures your customers remember your products every time they dab. Custom dab containers come in silicone, acrylic, and glass in a variety of sizes. Dab jars are opaque to protect your dabs from light and heat.
  • Dab Tools: Dab tools are necessary to transfer dabs from their jar to the rig or pipe. Make your customer’s dabbing experiences seamless and stylish with custom tools that reflect your brand’s identity.
  • Dab Mats: Protect surfaces and add a touch of personalization to dabbing stations with custom dab mats. When you choose custom dab mats you ensure your logo remains visible and memorable during every use. Custom dab mats are a billboard for your brand just like a rolling tray is to flower smokers.
  • Dab Kits: Curate a complete and branded dabbing experience for your customers when you offer them a complete dab kit with all of the accessories they need for their next session. Dab kits give customers convenience and a positive brand experience that they won’t soon forget.

Custom dab products with your logo are a powerful way to promote your brand and create a unique and memorable experience for your customers. With their customizable options and functional benefits, these accessories not only elevate your brand’s visibility but also showcase your commitment to quality and style within the industry.

Why Choose Dab Accessories for your 710 Promo

April 20th is the most popular day for weed smokers but July 1oth is a close 2nd. 7-10 is also known as Dab Day or 710 Dab Day because the numbers spell oil backwards. July 10th is now a day that is popular with smokers of cannabis concentrates and extracts. Here are some reasons to choose custom dab accessories for your next 710 promotion:

  1. Relevance to the Occasion: 710 is a day when smokers celebrate cannabis concentrates and extracts, particularly dabbing. By offering custom dab products, you align your promotional products with the specific theme and purpose of the event. This makes them more appealing and relevant to your target audience.
  2. Customer Engagement: Custom dab accessories encourage engagement and participation from cannabis smokers. Dabbing has gained popularity in recent years. Providing unique, branded products allows users to enhance their dabbing experience while featuring your logo. This engagement leads to an increase in brand loyalty and a sense of community among your customers.
  3. Visibility and Brand Recognition: Custom dab accessories, such as dab tools, concentrate containers, and dab mats, offer a visible space to display your brand’s logo, name, or other brand elements. Every time dabbers use these products, your brand is in view. When people use your products you increase visibility and reinforce brand recognition. People use dab accessories in social settings, so you gain exposure to a wider audience.
  4. Add Your Logo: Custom dab products provide an opportunity for unique personalization. Use your brand’s colors, logo, and other design elements to create an eye-catching accessory that stands out from generic options. This customization makes your promo products conversation starters and enhances brand recall.
  5. Practical and Long-lasting: Dab accessories are practical and long-lasting items that get use by people who use concentrates. Custom dab products as promo products offer a useful and durable item that customers use well beyond the promotional period. This longevity ensures continued brand exposure and reminds customers of your brand every time they dab.
  6. Complement Existing Product Lines: If you already offer dab-related products or cater to a customer base interested in concentrates and extracts, custom dab accessories complement your existing product lines. When you provide promo items that align with your core offerings, you encourage customers to explore other products you offer.

Overall, custom dab products provide a targeted and engaging promotional product option for your 710 promotion. When you offer branded accessories, you enhance brand recognition,  and create a memorable experience for your customers within the cannabis concentrates and extracts community.

Before you choose custom dab accessories for your 710 promotion, make sure that the products comply with local laws regarding the promotion and distribution of cannabis-related items.