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Cannabis Promotional Products Crossover Into the Beer Industry

As more states get on board with marijuana legalization, we are seeing an increase in canna friendly companies using cannabis promotional products to market their brands. The beer industry is no different. While some beer companies treat cannabis as competition, others have embraced it. With craft beer seeing a sharp increase in popularity, it is […]

Top Cannabis Trade Shows & Events to Attend in 2023

January Glass Vegas Expo in Las Vegas, NV – January 13-15, 2023 at Bally’s Casino Hemp Con in Los Angeles CA – January 20-22 at the Los Angeles, Convention Center  Virginia Cannabis Conference in Richmond, VA – January 20-23 at the Delta Hotels February Cannadelic Cannabis and Phychedelics Expo in Miami, FL – February 2-4 […]

Top Cannabis Trade Shows and Events in 2022

With the growing popularity of legalized cannabis, there are more industry trade shows than ever before. Here is a list of the most popular and influential events for cannabis entrepreneurs to attend in 2022. Champs Trade Show in Denver, CO – Sep 27-28 Lucky Leaf in Jackson, MS – OCT 7-8 Lucky Leaf in Albuqurque, […]

Champs Trade Show in Daytona, Florida – November 2022

Don’t miss the #1 counter culture trade show in the country. Champs Fall Trade Show in Daytona Beach, Florida November 1-3 2022 is hosted at the Ocean Center, 101 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118 The show hours are: 11 am – 7 pm Tuesday – Thursday : Main Hall10am – 7pm Tuesday – […]

Israel Overtakes Germany as Largest Importer of Medicinal Cannabis Flower

By July, Israel had imported more than 6 metric tons of cannabis flower into the country, according to Cannabis Magazine editor, Oren Lebovitch. Israel has officially overtaken Germany as the largest importer of medicinal cannabis in the world so far in 2020, according to data compiled by Tel Aviv-based Cannabis Magazine and Marijuana Business Daily. According to data reported by MJBizDaily, about three metric tons were imported into Germany as of end of May for…

3 color Grinder Card Example

How to Use a Grinder Card

What is a Grinder Card? A grinder card is a thin metal card used for grinding up herbs. They are made of stainless steel making them sharp and durable. They are called a credit card grinder because a standard option is the size of a credit card. Its size and flat shape makes it easier […]

A Tiny African Kingdom Wants to Export Its Cannabis to the World

Marijuana has been cultivated in Lesotho for centuries. Now it’s a critical piece of the government’s agricultural strategy. Kekeletso Lekaota spends her work days nurturing rows of cannabis plants for harvest. Pruning a few yellowed leaves from stems with thick, flowering heads, she says the job requires a soft touch and delicate hands. It’s a crop Lekaota had no experience with 18 months ago, when she saw an advertisement for a grower in her local…

Medical Patients in Purgatory as High-Court Deliberates

CANNABIS CULTURE – Picture this, you are an 81-year old widow with rheumatoid arthritis and vision limited by glaucoma. To dull the ceaseless pain of existence your doctor has prescribed you into narcotic inertia. Your monthly supply of opioids come in a jar the size one would expect to see mayonnaise, kimchi or baby dills in. The bottle has one line of instructions “use as needed” The pills kill your appetite, exhaust your capacity to…

Just Add Oil: Stoney Creek Cannabis Company Develops Creative Sales Model

Earth Kisses Sky sells herbal salve mixtures and its clients add their own cannabis oil at home. Cannabis topicals just became legal in Canada in October, but that hasn't stopped two local entrepreneurs from selling their weed-inspired pain and skin salves legally for months. Ashley Short and Tijen Yalchin — partners in business and life for more than a decade — have spent the past year building a devoted clientele willing to buy the herbal…

Cannabis: A Remedy for the Soil?

Hemp offers untold benefits for the soil, production processes, renewable fuel and sustainable fashion. The internet has been awash in new health apps to improve sleep and wellness and an enormous amount of information on CBD oil, a product derived from cannabis, also commonly known as the source of marijuana. Of cannabis’ compounds called cannabinoids are two primary components: THC and CBD, the latter is its non-psychoactive component. CBD has been rebranded – it was…

Infusing Marijuana With Data: Cannabis Industry Vets Aim to Clear the Haze in a Booming Industry

Cy Scott, Brian Wansolich, and Scott Vickers had just sold their popular cannabis directory Leafly to Privateer Holdings. As they plotted their next endeavor, one word kept coming up in almost every conversation: data. The legal pot trade was starving for it. Brands were coming on the scene in droves. Investors were pouring in millions of dollars. And there were any number of ways to deliver pot to consumers — plant strains, oils, tinctures, vape…

5 Essential Cannabis Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

New research indicates these events will drive the global cannabis market. Figuring out where the cannabis industry is heading next is no easy task. The industry is filled with a seemingly daily deluge of noise and breaking news. But there are a handful of trends and events you should keep an eye on. Arcview Market Research in partnership with BDS Analytics has discovered key data points that reveal some of the big industry levers shaping…

Over 150 Athletes Across Sports Call for World Anti-Doping Agency to Allow Medical Marijuana

A non-profit group of over 150 current and former athletes is calling for marijuana to be removed form the World Anti-Doping Agency's prohibited substances list. Medical marijuana legalization is spreading across the US, but most pro-athletes are still prevented from accessing it. That's because most major sports leagues follow drug guidelines set by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which bans athletes from using cannabis even outside of competition. Players can receive suspensions if caught using…

Corporations embracing 420 as legalization grows

LOS ANGELES — Potheads have for decades celebrated their love of marijuana on April 20, but the once counter-culture celebration that was all about getting stoned now is so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it.
No, Hallmark doesn’t yet have a card to mark “420.” But many other businesses inside and outside the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry are using April 20, or 4/20, to roll out marketing and social media messaging aimed at connecting with consumers driving the booming market.
Today, Lyft is offering a $4.20 credit on a single ride in Colorado and in select cities in the U.S. and Canada. Carl’s Jr. is using a Denver restaurant to market a hamburger infused with CBD, a nonintoxicating molecule found in cannabis that many believe is beneficial to their health.
On 420 last year, Totino’s, a maker of frozen pizza snacks, tweeted an image of a microwave and an oven with the message: “To be blunt, pizza rolls are better when baked.”
“I think brands that associa..

Survey: 1 in 4 in Washington get high at work

It’s probably not a good idea — and it can’t be great for productivity — but that’s not stopping a lot of Washingtonians from doing it.
I’m talking about getting high at work.
One in four marijuana users who are employed admit to doing this within the past year, according to a new survey of cannabis consumers in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, three states where recreational weed is legal.
One in four also said they’ve gotten high before work.
The marketing communications firm Quinn Thomas, which has offices in Seattle and Portland, funded the survey, which was conducted by polling-and-opinion outfit DHM Research. A representative sample of 900 cannabis consumers were interviewed — 300 in each of the three states — from Jan. 8 to 14. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percent.
“There is a lot of information out there about the cannabis industry and its regulatory structure, but not much is known about consumers,” said Zach Knowling, vice president at Quinn Thom..

Marijuana article strikes a nerve

The joint you smoked last night won’t give you schizophrenia. It also won’t make you assault your neighbor.
You might not know that after reading a recent New Yorker article that draws connection between marijuana use, schizophrenia and violent crimes in Washington.
In the article — “Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think?” — writer Malcolm Gladwell focused on a 2017 report by the National Academy of Medicine that examined the scientific evidence of the health effects and therapeutic purposes of cannabis and cannabinoids. Gladwell’s article also draws on a new book by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson called “Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Health and Violence.”
Gladwell’s article and a subsequent New York Times op-ed by Berenson, was quickly rebuked by marijuana researchers and legalization advocates, who took issue with Gladwell’s selective use of data and Berenson’s linking marijuana use to schizophrenia.
Beatriz Carlini, a senior research scientist at..

Michigan first in Midwest to legalize pot

DETROIT — Michigan voters on Tuesday made their state the first in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana, passing a ballot measure that will allow people 21 or older to buy and use the drug and putting conservative neighboring states on notice.
Three other states had marijuana-related measures on their ballots. North Dakota voters decided recreational pot wasn’t for them, while voters in Missouri passed one of three unrelated measures to legalize medical marijuana. Utah voters also were considering whether to allow medical marijuana and to join the 31 other states that have already done so.
Including Michigan, 10 states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. And Canada recently did so. But the passage in Michigan gives it a foothold in Middle America and could cause tension with neighboring Indiana and Ohio, which overwhelmingly rejected a 2015 legalization measure.
“Troopers that work along the state line are very cognizant of what’s going on u..

Mexico’s Fox: Add marijuana to NAFTA

Cannabis should be added to the North American Free Trade Agreement just like any other form of produce, says former Mexican President Vicente Fox.
Fox, who sits on the board of Toronto-based medical marijuana producer Khiron Life Sciences Corp., said he expects Mexico’s new government to legalize recreational cannabis in 2019. The country legalized medical pot in 2017.
Fox has long advocated for legal cannabis, arguing that it will help defeat the cartel violence that has plagued Mexico for years.
“We can change criminals for businessmen, we can change underground, illegal non-taxpayers into an industry, a sector of the economy,” he said Thursday in an interview in Toronto, where he met with Khiron’s board. “I think it should be part of NAFTA and that’s what I’m pursuing.”
If that happens, Mexico could become a major exporter of legal cannabis to the U.S. and Canadian markets, Fox said.
“On vegetables, on fruits, on avocados, Mexico produces and provides up to 70 percent of the U..

Pot shop clashes with tourism in eclectic Alaska town

TALKEETNA, Alaska — The presence of a marijuana retail store has caused a deep divide in this quirky tourist town, where hundreds of visitors roam the streets daily browsing in art galleries and souvenir shops housed in historic cabins.
Most of Talkeetna’s stores line the two long blocks that make up its Main Street, where tourists — many who arrive in Alaska on cruise ships and are bused about two hours north from Anchorage — wander into storefronts like Nagley’s General Store for ice cream or slip through its back door for a cold one at the West Rib Bar and Grill.
At Main Street’s opposite end, near a river park where visitors snap photos of the continent’s tallest mountain, is Talkeetna’s newest venture into the tourism trade. The High Expedition Co. is a nod to the rich mountain climbing history of the eclectic community purported to be the inspiration for the 1990s television series “Northern Exposure.”
Talkeetna’s first marijuana retail store is causing a rift not seen in othe..

Governors: Sessions should back off pot

JUNEAU, Alaska — Governors in at least two states that have legalized recreational marijuana are pushing back against the Trump administration and defending their efforts to regulate the industry.
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, a one-time Republican no longer affiliated with a party, sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week asking the Department of Justice to maintain the Obama administration’s more hands-off enforcement approach to states that have legalized the drug still banned at the federal level.
It comes after Sessions sent responses recently to the governors of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, who asked him to allow the pot experiments to continue in the first four states to legalize recreational marijuana. Sessions detailed concerns he had with how effective state regulatory efforts have been or will be.
Washington state also responded to Sessions this week. Gov. Jay Inslee said the attorney general made claims about the situation in Washington that ..

Oregon Coast attracts pot shops but doesn’t change vibe

NEWPORT, Ore. — Eddie Biggar sports a black-and-green suit dotted with tiny green leaves as he dances jovially on a corner of the Pacific Coast Highway.
Some two-and-a-half hours southwest of Portland, he owns the sidewalk. Just like a sign-waiver might promote the local pizzeria, The Weedman boasts $5 grams, urging customers down the street to CannaMedicine.
The state has licensed pot dealers in every Oregon county bordering the Pacific Ocean, with the highest number near the beach here in Lincoln County, state data show. But there’s little so far to suggest marijuana is changing the coastal economy, which is already largely fueled by tourism.
Still, there’s no question many out-of-towners are heading into coastal pot shops. Retailers say they’ve seen people from China, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and South Korea.
“I’ve never seen so many different IDs in my life,” Shane Ramos-Harrington said in Touch of Aloha, his Hawaii-themed marijuana outpost in the area of Depoe Bay, a com..

Huff, puff, pass? AG’s pot fury not echoed by task force

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions has warned of a crackdown on marijuana. But documents obtained by The Associated Press show he’s getting no fresh avenues from a special task force formed to find the best strategy.
Instead, the Trump administration task force is offering familiar suggestions to Sessions. Those include continuing to review whether to change or rescind the more hands-off policies of the Obama era, which allowed the nation’s legal pot industry to flourish.
Advocates and some members of Congress had long feared the recommendations would give Sessions a green light to try to take down the multimillion-dollar industry.
Sessions has compared marijuana to heroin and blamed its legalization for violence.
He is not bound by the task force recommendations, but any federal crackdown would be difficult politically and practically.

Banks don’t like risks associated with legal marijuana business

LOS ANGELES — Billions of dollars are expected to flow through California’s legitimate marijuana industry next year when recreational pot becomes legal, but most of those businesses won’t be able to use banks.
The reason: Many banks don’t want anything to do with pot money for fear it could expose them to legal trouble from the federal government, which still lists marijuana as illegal — and regulates the banking industry. There is uncertainty over how the Trump administration will react.
Because of those fears, pot dispensary operators in the 29 states where the drug is legal, either for medical or recreational purposes, often find themselves nervously handling obscene amounts of cash.
During the Obama administration, the Justice Department issued guidelines to help banks avoid federal prosecution when dealing with pot businesses in states where the drug is legal.
But most banks don’t see those rules as a shield against charges that could include aiding drug trafficking. And they ..

Sessions raises concerns over Washington’s pot legalization

SEATTLE — Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he’s disappointed with a letter from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the state’s efforts to regulate marijuana.
In a letter dated July 24 , Sessions pointed out to Ferguson and Gov. Jay Inslee that a 2013 Justice Department memo which was interpreted as clearing the way for states to regulate marijuana did not preclude federal prosecution. Sessions also highlighted a 2016 report from a federally funded drug enforcement organization that raised questions about how effectively the state is controlling the industry.
Sessions asked Ferguson and Inslee to provide information about how they’re addressing the issues raised in the report.
In a written statement Friday, Ferguson said the U.S. attorney general’s letter relies on “incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date information” about Washington’s marijuana regulations. He added that “any action from the Department of Justice short of allowing our well-regulated, voter-approv..