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3 color Grinder Card Example

How to Use a Grinder Card

What is a Grinder Card?

A grinder card is a thin metal card used for grinding up herbs. They are made of stainless steel making them sharp and durable. They are called a credit card grinder because a standard option is the size of a credit card. Its size and flat shape makes it easier to transport than the bigger, bulkier traditional options.

How to use a grinder card illustration
An illustration showing how to use a grinder card


Just rub any dry herb against our patented finger-friendly Groove ‘n’ Grind™ surface like a cheese grater. Drag your herbs back and forth over the surface, as in the image above. Repeat the process until your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency. We offer 3 grind textures, fine, medium, and coarse. Custom card grinders are the only grinders that feature a variety of textures, allowing you the perfect consistency for any situation.


Grinder cards are extremely versatile tools. For example, after pulverizing your buds, use the card to pick up and place your herbs where you need it. Scoop up smaller bits of buds or stray stems. Tighten your roll or crush your stuff. Lift herb into rolling papers and aid in rolling. Sprinkle ground herbs over your food for seasoning. Scoop up herbs into containers for storage. The edge of the card is extremely rigid making it a good tool for cutting open fruit or chopping vegetables.


Because they are sharp, we offer protective sleeves to keep your card safe. When finished, slide the metal grinder card back into the protective paper sleeve. After that, slip it into your pocket, purse or wallet for easy storage. Stock protective sleeves are available in 10 different designs such as rasta, leather, metal, tie-dye, gold, wood and more. We produce custom full color sleeves with your art by request. Get a full color sleeve with your art on both sides for a completely unique promo item.

Our Grinder Card Products

Love our grinders? Choose from one of our 4 stock options or make your own custom card. Check out our custom herb grinders page to learn more about our entire family of products in this category. The same great product is available in options such as, key chain grinders, necklace grinders, bottle opener grinders, and even grinders that fit into your rolling paper booklet. Now that you know how to use a card grinder, go get yours today!

If you have questions about this or any of our other products, don’t wait, contact us today.