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Israel Overtakes Germany as Largest Importer of Medicinal Cannabis Flower

By July, Israel had imported more than 6 metric tons of cannabis flower into the country, according to Cannabis Magazine editor, Oren Lebovitch. Israel has officially overtaken Germany as the largest importer of medicinal cannabis in the world so far in 2020, according to data compiled by Tel Aviv-based Cannabis Magazine and Marijuana Business Daily. According to data reported by MJBizDaily, about three metric tons were imported into Germany as of end of May for…

Why the Pandemic Could Be a Boon for Cannabis Education

Cannabis education has slowly spread since marijuana began to earn legal status across U.S. states. Nowadays, with the coronavirus, universities are facing new challenges that force them to rework their curriculum and find new ways of keeping students engaged while producing revenue. Green Flower Media recently partnered with five universities to provide courses for students interested in learning about growing, testing and selling legal weed. The company hopes to expand its partnerships in the coming…

3 color Grinder Card Example

How to Use a Grinder Card

What is a Grinder Card? A grinder card is a thin metal card used for grinding up herbs. They are made of stainless steel making them sharp and durable. They are called a credit card grinder because a standard option is the size of a credit card. Its size and flat shape makes it easier […]