Smoke Kit Pro

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The Smoke Kit Pro is perfect for the regular smoker on the go.

  • Water Proof
  • Built in Bottle Opener
  • Hinged Lid for Easy Access
  • Durable and Impact Resistant
  • Includes: Rolling Papers, One Hitter, Grinder Card, Cleaning Tool, Hemp Wick, Grinding Tray, & Lighter.
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Introducing the Smoke Kit, the Swiss Army Knife of smoking kits is here!  We aim to solve your problems by designing a smoke kit that does it all.  The Smoke Kit is a waterproof, air tight, smoking kit that allows you to store your:

  • Lighter
  • One Hitter
  • Cleaning Tool
  • 2 Feet of Hemp Wick
  • Grinding Tray
  • Rolling Papers
  • Grinder Card
  • Built in Bottle Opener
  • Fits Over 10 Grams of Your Favorite Herb

Each order is fully loaded and includes all of the items listed, you just supply the herb!


This product listing is for pre-orders and will be shipped August 4th.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 4 mm


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