Custom Dabit Cards

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The Custom Dabit Card ? from the V Syndicate is the newest innovation in oil technology.

  • Features 4 Patented tools and a grind surface
  • Comes with a FREE food grade silicone case
  • Finger friendly & easy to clean.
  • Easily fits in any wallet.



Custom Dabit Cards with Tools

Oil Tools with Custom Dabit Cards

Custom Dabit Cards

Custom Dabit Cards from the V Syndicate are the newest innovation in oil technology.

All Dabit Cards™ are constructed from a heavy duty surgical grade stainless steel plate and incorporates 4 double headed oil tools, along with our patented grind surface.

Your Custom Dabit Cards come with a food grade silicone case that helps cover and protect your tools and keeps the Dabit Card™ clean during transit.

The back of the card features a unique full color skull with oil drips design.

The Dabit Card™ is an essential part of any herb or oil transaction.

Product Description

Tools: The tools attach to the plate using magnets and fit snug in specially shaped grooves making it easy to store.

Packer- Features a flat end, perfect for packing vape pens, and a thinner tool end for cleaning and reaching into tough spots.
Spork- Features a spoon like tip with a hole in the middle.  Great for handling larger amounts of oil efficiently.  Allows heat to pass through and a fork that allows easy transfer of large slippery chunks.
Scraper- Features two angled edges that are great for scraping oil residue and accessing hard to reach areas.
Poker- Features skinny and medium tips for poking and cleaning.
Grinder: The Dabit Card™ features our patented grinder strip using a fine texture, perfect for grinding herbs for vape pens.

Stock Dabit Cards

Need some help coming up with your own cool design?  Shop our stock Dabit Card options and get your creative juices flowing.  Click the link to see our stock Dabit Cards.

Additional information

Weight 48 g
Dimensions 95 × 40 × 1.5 mm
Production Time:

Approximately 7 days depending upon order size.

Display Information

FREE stock stands with all orders of 10 or more.

Protective Sleeve Options

Silicone cover included.


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