Prince Icon Wood dugout

As low as $5.50

Custom Laser Etched One Hitter Box with FREE 3″ Reusable Cigarette.

  • FREE? 3″ Reusable Aluminum Hitter Included
  • Durable Wood Construction
  • Swivel Top for Easy Access
  • Quality Laser Etched Design
  • Comfortably Fits in Your Hand or Pocket
  • Impact Resistant




Prince Icon Wood dugout

Laser etched Prince Icon one hitter dugout with FREE 3″ reusable cigarette.

This wood dugout is made with the same old school swivel top lid design you love. Turning the lid simultaneously releases a spring loaded aluminum one hitter and reveals the sweet aroma of your favorite blend. No fumbling with rolling papers in public. No lingering odor of a smelly pipe. The dugout pipe offers a convenience, and versatility that other smoking accessories just do not provide. Slide the one hitter dugout out of your pocket and sneak a toke anywhere, subtlety while on the go.

Our one hitter dugouts are made of quality rosewood. The same durable, long lasting, timber used by some of the finest cabinet and veneer makers on the planet. The strength and density of the wood used for our dugouts is durable enough to survive as much abuse, accidental or intentional, you can throw at it. No lingering odors from the contents either. The tight seal of our one hitter dugouts, along with the natural aroma of rosewood, keeps the odors at bay and your herbs dry.

The one hitter pipe included with the dugout is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum and looks just like a real cigarette. Measuring just 3 inches, it stores snugly in the one hitter box between uses. A one hitter is the best way to smoke and conserve your herbs at the same time. No smoldering debris or excess smoke. Just pack, light, smoke and repeat as needed.

All of our stocked one hitter box designs are available in an assortment under the same wholesale pricing. Please contact us for details.

Custom Wood dugout

Choose from one of dozens of our unique stock one hitter dugouts or upload artwork to create custom one hitter dugouts all your own! Send us your artwork and we will take care of the rest.

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Weight48 oz
Dimensions43.2 × 19 × 54 in
Brand: No selection

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