1 1/4 Rolling Machines – 79mm

As low as $2.00

Custom pre roll machines make rolling 1 1/4 size joints and cigarettes easy.

  • Made of durable acrylic
  • Makes rolling cigarettes and joints easy
  • Custom apron or printed bottom
  • Inexpensive cannabis promo option
  • 79 mm for 1 ¼ size rolling papers

Custom Pre Roll Machines – 1 1/4 Size

Whether you market to a novice or a veteran smoker, custom pre roll machines are a valuable tool for rolling consistent joints and cigarettes. No more crushing cones while you pack them full. No more fumbling with papers and hand rolling ugly (insert derogatory joint names here)

Save wasted ends and eliminate stinky roaches when you add custom filters to the end of your roll.  Just insert the filter tip to either end of the pre roll machine and roll as usual. Make sure that your smoking material fills evenly up to the tip.

Custom 1 ¼ pre roll machines hold approximately a half gram of weed or tobacco. That is enough to roll a joint suitable for two people. If you want a smaller joint then choose the single size joint roller. For smokers who prefer larger rolls, choose custom KSS joint rollers.

With an acrylic body and durable plastic apron, custom pre roll machines have a long life as a budget cannabis promotional product. They are used often throughout the day so your logo is visible regularly. Custom rolling machines are available in assorted body colors: black, blue, clear, green, red and yellow. Rolling machine aprons are black unless your order includes custom aprons.

How to Use a 1 1/4 Pre Roll Machine

Roll cleaner, tighter joints and cigarettes much more quickly with custom pre roll machines than rolling by hand. After a few practice joints, you have a perfect roll each and every time. There is a little bit of a learning curve but pre roll machines are simple to use when you pay attention to the process.

To get started, separate the two rollers and fill the gap between them with pre-ground weed or tobacco. Make sure the smoking material is even and not overflowing. Put the rollers back together and roll the plastic apron to prepare the contents.

Feed a 1 ¼ size rolling paper into the roller with the non gum side first. Turn both rolling tubes while applying a little pressure as the paper passes through the rolling machine. Be sure to evenly feed the paper to avoid a crooked joint.

Before the paper is fully fed into custom pre roll machines you must wet the gum strip. This seals and closes it after it is rolled completely in the machine. Once the paper is fully fed into the machine, turn the roller tubes 2 or 3 times to tighten it up. 

When you include a custom glass filter tip or a custom pre-rolled paper filter tip, you improve the structure of the joint and create an even draw when it is lit. Custom filter tips also give smokers one more opportunity to interact with your brand.

Custom Decoration Options

Take advantage of a budget branding opportunity when you add your logo to the apron or bottom of each rolling machine. 1 or 2 color print on the bottom of the machine is available for orders of all sizes. The minimum order for orders with custom aprons start at 1000 pieces and take 6 weeks to produce.

  • 1 Color Print: 1 color print is a fast and easy solution for small or last minute orders. Blank rolling machines are in stock and ready to decorate on demand. One color print on the bottom of the pre roll machine is available for orders of all sizes. Orders of custom pre roll machines with custom apron have a 1000 piece minimum order. Choose one of our stock print colors or get an exact color match for an additional fee. Take a look above or on the Additional Information tab for print color options.
  • 2 Color Print: 2 color print adds extra flare to your custom pre roll machines. 2 color art must have good color separation so we approve multi-color art on a case-by-case basis. We offer 2 color print on the bottom of the rolling machine for orders of all sizes. Rolling machine orders that include a custom apron start at 1000 pieces.
  • Blank: Want the same great rolling machines wholesale but don’t need the custom printing? No problem. Blank pre roll machines are available in the same great colors. The more you buy the more you save. Enjoy wholesale pricing when you buy in bulk.

Building your cannabis brand is easy with custom pre roll machines. Upload your image, logo or artwork and we will take care of the rest. Get custom pre roll machines with your logo for your cannabis expo or 420 goody bag today!

Additional Order Information

Assorted custom pre roll machines have a small customizable surface area so fine detail may be lost in production. Please DO NOT submit photographs or images with color gradients because we cannot use them. Clip art style images work best for this product.

For questions about acceptable art, please review our art readiness page. Take a look at the product photos for examples of previous art. Contact us for art templates when your are ready to order.

The color assortment you receive depends on what is in inventory at the time you place your order. There is no guarantee that you receive all of the colors listed. Also, you may not receive an even amount of each color that is available. If you must have specific colors and quantities, contact us before ordering custom pre roll machines.

Custom pre roll machine orders include a $40 art setup fee for each new design. The art setup fee is a one time charge for all new art. We will not charge a setup fee when you reorder and use the same art file.

Express Fulfillment: Get Custom Pre Roll Machines Fast!

Waited until the last minute and now you need custom pre roll machines for your event? Since we stock them in our warehouse we can produce custom printed pre roll machines and ship them quickly. Standard turn time for in stock product is ten business days.

10 days not enough time and you need to expedite your order, no problem! When you choose, I Need it Fast, at checkout, we work late to ship your custom pre roll machines in 7 days or less! Since pre roll machines are a regular part of our inventory, we decorate them quickly. Express fulfillment requires a rush fee for each order.

Get custom pre roll machines fast but there are some restrictions. Orders that require express fulfillment will be simple and may not be eligible for time consuming extras. When ordering express fulfillment you have the following limitations:

  • Color Match: Matching specific pantone colors is not an option for express fulfillment.
  • Mandatory Assortments: We do not offer a specific number of any one color. Assorted is assorted and you may not get every color pictured and you may not receive an even assortment of each color.
  • Multi Color Print: Multi-color print is highly discouraged for last minute orders. If you are in a real time crunch, keep it simple with one color print in one location.
  • Custom Aprons:  Custom branded aprons are not an option for rush orders because they take 6 weeks to produce.

Basically, the harder we have to work to produce your order, the more difficult it is to get it to you quickly. You need it fast so let’s keep it simple. Get custom smoking accessories fast when you choose from our Rapid Run products.

Shipping Details

All custom pre roll machines ship ground from Tampa, FL and take 2-5 days to deliver depending upon destination address. Express shipping is available for an additional fee. The express shipping cost will vary depending upon destination and speed of shipping.

The production timelines quoted above do not include shipping. Contact us for shipping rates to your area.

Stock 1 1/4 Pre Roll Machines

Stock pre roll machines are coming soon. Check back for details.

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$40 for each new design

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Assorted, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

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Apron, Bottom & Apron, Bottom

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Customizable Surface Area:: No selection

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